About Anemone

Anemone, created and designed by Chef Dany Duguay, was born from the idea that private dining should be available and accessible to more of Halifax, no matter the event size, especially within the downtown core.


After years of hearing clients say they have difficulty finding a venue to accommodate their needs for small events, it only made sense for us to create a space that could allow for these types of boutique functions, while also still allowing us to accommodate offsite events and catering, all while focusing on quality over quantity.

Our Services
Catering (On/Off-site)

Let us bring the food to you! 

Private Chef Functions
Private Dining and Small Events
Micro Weddings
Curated Grazing
Cocktail Parties
Dinner with Dany Club
Historic Keiths Brewery
Our location nestled in the Historic Brewery Market in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia provides the perfect backdrop for your next special event.
Anemone Dining
109-1496 Lower Water Street
Halifax, NS
B3J 1R9